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214-hydraulic-installation-system-analysis-on-tensile-test-tool-based-on-pressure-variation-using Kamis, 21 Januari 2016 - 11:11:43 WIB
Hydraulic Installation System Analysis on Tensile Test Tool Based on Pressure Variation Using Comput
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Rio Adika Cahya1*, Sumadi2, Edi Sutoyo2  1

Pneumatics – Hydraulics System and Maintenance (PHySaM) Research Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering Departement,Faculty Of Engineering, University of Ibn Khaldun Bogor

Jl.K.H.Soleh Iskandar Km. 07 Kedung Badak Bogor 16164  
E-mail: rio.02061991@gmail.com  



The phenomenon of pressure drop on the installation of the hydraulic system which generally happens to be an interesting discussion on the science of hidraulic. One such phenomenon occurs in the tensile test equipment in laboratory phenomenon UIKA Bogor base engine. Pressure drop occurs in a laboratory test equipment tensile machine UIKA Bogor basic phenomena. The pressure drop occurs along the length of the hose, grooves, valves, bends, and friction between the fluid connection with the channel, this study analyzes, calculates and simulatethe phenomenonof fluid flow in a pipe with the help of CFD on SolidWorks software, so how much pressure drop that occurs can be determined by first inserting the actual data input prior to simulation. This study aims to determine how much pressure drop that occurs by varying the input pressure of the tree kinds of tested material tensile strength, Bronze LG2, Steel HQ 705, and alluminium alloy thus obtained pressure is used as input data in CFD simulation, thus the result simulation can be used as treasury of literature as the reference for further research. Of process-based simulations using computational methode are obtained when the process flow visualization pressure drop takes place as cntour plot, trajectories flow and pressure drop as well as the value chart on the installation of the hydraulic pressure tensile test equipment.  

Keywords : CFD , Flexible hose , Fluid , Pressure drop , Solidwork

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